Vaccine Skeptics Need a Dose of Creation Theology

Vaccine Skeptics Need a Dose of Creation Theology

Over the last few months, I’ve responded to many questions in podcast and webinar interviews about The End of the Christian Life in relation to the challenges we face during the pandemic. I have many thoughts on this. But recently I published my thoughts on a particular aspect of this, Christians and the Covid-19 vaccine, in Christianity Today. First appearing on May 6, 2021, I made the case for how a classical Christian theology of creation, along with a Christ-centered path of discipleship, should lead vaccine-hesitant Christians to seriously consider receiving the Covid 19 vaccine. I seek to do this with empathy, understanding that in the pandemic all of us have experienced fear — fear that comes with the risks of living as mortal creatures in this time. Be patient with yourself and others. It’s OK to notice the fear, to recognize it, to give it some space. Yet, as ones who belong to Jesus Christ in life and in death, fear of uncertainties related to an act of love (in receiving a vaccine) need not have the final word.

Here is the beginning of the article, which has a free-access link below to the Christianity Today site:

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available to Americans, a high proportion of white evangelicals have stated they “probably” or “definitely” will not get the vaccine. Media outlets such as The New York Times and CNN have expressed fear that vaccine hesitancy could be a roadblock to America attaining herd immunity and endanger the unvaccinated and their communities.

In the midst of this alarm, the large (and varied) demographic of white evangelicals has been labeled “anti-science,” further entrenching the suspicion of those who are vaccine-hesitant that a pro-vaccine message is tied to a “hostile media” and government overreach. As deepening chasms of distrust separate followers of Jesus from all backgrounds into self-sorted ideological tribes, we face the question: Can we find a way to display love to one another and our neighbors, as a witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ?

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